Welcome to Kukup Resort - the most wonderful gathering place for your friends and family.

Kukup is an old fishing village established since a century ago. The village is built entirely above the sea and its most of the residents are populated from chinese community. Over century, most people here works as fishermen since Kukup is famous for its seafood. The local products such as home-made "Belacan" & "Cencaluk" are very delicious and fresh.

However since 80's, as more and more visitors spend their weekends at here having seafood and etc, some villagers started to rent out their house for homestay purpose in the weekend to visitors who would like to overnight here. Over years, this place had becomes one of the most famous recreational spot in Johor state. Peoples use to enjoy their holidays here with friends and family over weekend.

We provide you with the most comfortable accommodation in Kukup at an affordable price. We had a wide ranges of Chalets to let you review and choose from before booking with us.

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Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

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Paint Ball activity

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We had an enjoyable trip and a great team boding time in Kukup Cai Hong Chalet! Excellent service and the food was yummy! Thanks for all the arrangement.

Jasmine - 15 Dec 2016 (Chalet Cai Hong)


We had an enjoyable time there. The auntie was very understanding and patient with all our extra requests, such as cooking porridge and noodles soup for my mother, also serving up delicious food.

WY Tang - 3 Dec 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee)


Owner are friendly and all of us enjoyed the stay at the chalet.

Chan Siew Kim - 9 Dec 2016 (Chalet Cai Hong)


We had a very enjoy trip last weekend. Although the chalet was partly wooden however it is what we look for. We really enjoyed the natural style of fishing village life here, its clean, food was delicious (Especially the Aunty self made "xia bing" - Fried Prawn Cracker and green bean dessert soup and chicken wing). The hospitality and willingness to serve that provided by Aunty Keng and his family was awesome. Also we have more convenience and privacy for as we own the whole chalet without have to share with others which we appreciate very much because we have 3 families with 4 children. We will introduce this to church and family on this. Thanks for your arrangement as well.

William - 5 Nov 2016 (Chalet Keng)


Thank you for the coordination. We had an enjoyable stay. The house is neat and well equipped for a family stay.

Yum Shoen Keng - 15 Oct 2016 (Chalet Xia Ri)


Enjoyable, very good host! Thank you

Daniel Tan - 25 June 2016 (Hai Hsang Hwa)


We really enjoyed the trip and had a wonderful time in Kukup. The transer was smooth, chalet was clean, food was delicious and the hospitality provided by Ah Kar and his family was awesome. Thanks for the arrangement.

Steven Oon - 11 Sept 2016 (Chalet Chang Jing)


The caretaker is very friendly. The food & accommodation are good. Thank you

Mrs Ng - 10 Sept 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee)


It was a wonderful trip. The place is Nice and clean. Hong Yen is nice owner.

Fleex - 9 July 2016 (Chalet Hong Yen A)

Everything was ok we had a good time. The hospitality given was good. No complaints.

Aravind - 13 Nov 2010 (Chalet Keng)

we had an enjoyable stay in Kukup - the place was clean and the helpers were hospitable and friendly :)

Peiyu - 25 Feb 2011 - 3 days 2 night (Chalet Haolai)

Overall, my friends and i enjoyed our stay there! :) It was a great experience for all of us. Uncle was friendly and really went all out to help us so we were very grateful to him as well. Would definitely go there the next time

Christine - 31 Dec 2010 - 3 days 2 night (Chalet Nanfong)


My family and i have great bonding time here. The rooms are clean and shine, the foods are yummy.

We will certainly recommend more friends to go.

Mr Ong - 3 Sept 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee)


We had a pleasant stay at the chalet. We really enjoy the stay a lot. Thanks so much for the hospitality.

Chin Yu Ling - 6 Aug 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee)


We all enjoy the service & stay at Lee Lee Charlet. :) Thank you.

Mavis Chin - 30 July 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee B)


I have a good time and the service is good.

Joanne - 30 July 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee A)


It's was relaxing. Think host took good care of us.

Lim Jit Hoo - 24 June 2016 (Hong Yen B)


The trip was great, great food and clean place. The Auntie (didn’t catch her name!) and her daughter who were mostly in the kitchen near the chalet helped us out with all our requests and were very friendly.

Siew Chi - 18 June 2016 (Chalet Lee Lee A)


Thank you for providing us with an excellent services throughout our stay in kukup. We really impressed and enjoyed it.

We had a great time, and we look to explore future partnerships.

Eugene & Sufan- 14 June 2014 (Chalet Hong Yen A)


Thank you. We had a good time and will definitely come back again next year. Also introduced to our church friends on this.

Lim Mei Ling- 22 Nov 2013 (Chalet Hong Yen A)


We enjoyed ourselves very much and are very, very appreciative of the warm hospitality of the lady. Thanks for all the arrangements.

Andrew - 16 Mar 2011 (Chalet Lee Lee)

Everything is good. Especially the "xia bing"(Fried Prawn Cracker). Very nice!

Dorothy - 17 Dec 2010 (Chalet Lee Lee)

Generally we are happy with the place. It was very clean and well kept. The food was good.

Lau - 11 Dec 2010 (Chalet Lee Lee)

Our family had a great time over Kukup during last weekend. Excellent service and thumbs up for you!!! Thank you.

Ann - 16 Oct 2010 (Chalet Lee Lee)

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