Welcome to Kukup Resort - the most wonderful gathering place for your friends and family.

Kukup is an old fishing village established since a century ago. The village is built entirely above the sea and its most of the residents are populated from chinese community. Over century, most people here works as fishermen since Kukup is famous for its seafood. The local products such as home-made "Belacan" & "Cencaluk" are very delicious and fresh.

However since 80's, as more and more visitors spend their weekends at here having seafood and etc, some villagers started to rent out their house for homestay purpose in the weekend to visitors who would like to overnight here. Over years, this place had becomes one of the most famous recreational spot in Johor state. Peoples use to enjoy their holidays here with friends and family over weekend.

We provide you with the most comfortable accommodation in Kukup at an affordable price. We had a wide ranges of Chalets to let you review and choose from before booking with us.

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